4-point Crystal Grid

This easy grid is very good for Earth therapeutic, because the 4 crystals can symbolize north, south, east and west, and the central crystal can symbolize the entire Earth—a crystal sphere could be notably acceptable right here. Nevertheless, it may also be used for different therapeutic functions: positioned round your house or your remedy room to create a therapeutic atmosphere, or as a small grid to make use of for distant therapeutic of individuals, locations or conditions.

Cleanse and empower every crystal as above, putting a crystal within the middle (any form will do, however aside from a sphere a pyramid is especially good, as its base has 4 sides) and place the opposite 4 crystals with their pointed ends going through the middle.

Draw the Energy Image over the grid, ensuring you embody the entire grid, say its mantra 3 times and intend to empower this grid with limitless Reiki power (you'll be able to add the opposite two symbols as nicely, if you want). Intend that no matter is represented by what's positioned within the middle ought to obtain therapeutic (for instance, {a photograph} or a chunk of paper with a reputation on it's a illustration of the particular person, not the precise particular person).