A new system

A new system

The memorial makes one factor very clear: Usui’s system was completely new. It was the results of an expertise of enlightenment after a protracted and painful strategy of self-development. Usui neither rediscovered an historical system (as is commonly claimed) nor elaborated on a way already in use. He merely felt a sudden connection to the universe, an expertise of full oneness, and, to his personal shock, developed therapeutic arms. He then created a system for others additionally to make, really feel and make the most of this connection. He might effectively have been influenced by different methods and traditions when he was on the lookout for instruments to allow his college students to entry Reiki extra deeply, however they weren’t the starting-point of the system.

For the writer of the memorial stone, that is of such significance that he repeats it a number of occasions. I are inclined to do this, too, as it's such a typical false impression that Reiki grew out of current traditions. Usui himself stated, ‘Our Reiki Ryoho [spiritual energy technique] is a inventive concept that nobody has developed earlier than and there may be nothing like this on this world.’4

Palm therapeutic on the whole, nonetheless, was fairly standard in Japan throughout Usui’s time. Known as teate in Japanese, it had been utilized by the Samurai for hundreds of years and was virtually ubiquitous at flip of the nineteenth century. It's nonetheless used right now. A Japanese pupil of mine talked about that her mom used to position her arms on the issue space every time she suffered from minor illnesses like cuts or bruises, headache or fever. The thought behind the observe is that each particular person can transmit a few of their very own vitality – or ki – with therapeutic results.

However there are two most important variations in Usui’s methodology: first (fortunately), we don’t use our personal vitality. And secondly, Reiki doesn’t simply have a soothing impact, however produces essentially the most extraordinary outcomes.

The memorial’s writer additionally hyperlinks the success of the system to Usui’s personal character: ‘[His] character was mild and modest and he by no means behaved ostentatiously. … He was stouthearted, tolerant and really prudent when endeavor a job.’

Different contemporaries point out that he remained humble and taught with an incredible sense of humour and compassion. In different phrases, he taught the best way he felt the system needs to be used: by regular folks in on a regular basis life.

On the memorial stone, he's known as Usui-sensei, which is an honorary manner of describing a revered trainer. The considerably deceptive however broadly used title of ‘physician’ appears to have been added within the 1950s and even later in an try to provide him extra credibility with a Western viewers.