A Psychological/Emotional Distant Therapy

That is an much more highly effective means of doing a distant remedy. It really works deeply on the psychological or emotional causative ranges, serving to blockages to rise to the floor to be healed and launched, so that is the tactic I normally use. The visualization helps to maintain your thoughts actually centered on the particular person receiving the remedy, which is important, as their chakras are opened by the Concord Image so that they'll obtain the utmost quantity of Reiki. Simply as within the hands-on remedy of the identical title (see earlier chapter), you will need to challenge solely constructive ideas throughout the sending of this remedy.
1. Perform the identical preparations as in steps 1 and a pair of of the usual distant remedy on web page 185.
2. When you're prepared, place your nondominant hand beneath the {photograph}, paper or correspondence (whichever half you've gotten determined represents the pinnacle), and draw the Distant Image within the air above the {photograph}, paper or correspondence, say its sacred mantra thrice adopted by the title of the particular person thrice and their location as soon as, and direct its vitality to no matter represents the crown of the recipient.
3. Draw the Concord Image, say the mantra thrice and the title of the particular person thrice and direct its vitality to the crown of the particular person.
4. Draw the Energy Image, say the mantra thrice, directing its vitality to the crown of the particular person, and intend and say that this highly effective Reiki therapeutic is shipped with love and light-weight, for the very best and biggest good of (title of particular person).
5. Perform a full psychological and emotional remedy on the particular person, utilizing the visualization in steps 9-17 on pages 166-168 in chapter 11, remembering to take care of your full consideration on the particular person. When this has been accomplished, draw a Energy Image and say the mantra thrice over no matter represents the particular person’s crown chakra, intending that the psychological and emotional a part of the remedy has ended. Keep in mind that it's actually necessary to finish this a part of the remedy correctly. You may then chill out your focus for the following a part of the remedy.
6. Then perform a shortened commonplace distant remedy, as in step 6 on web page 186 lowering the timing of the hand positions on the pinnacle and physique to 1 or 2 minutes every. (The shortened commonplace remedy may even be omitted if vital, though it's clearly higher to incorporate it at any time when potential.)
7. Lastly easy the aura, shut the remedy with the Energy Image, and perform your personal cleaning as in step Eight on web page 186.