A Reiki Custom of Opening Portals

Opening portals is a longtime a part of the Reiki custom, although most individuals don’t understand this. When sending Reiki, most practitioners rightfully use the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen image to make sure that the Reiki arrives at its correct vacation spot. However not often in Reiki circles is it talked about that this image truly features as a portal. It’s not a secret. It’s simply that many within the Reiki custom have been taught to take issues at face worth. And since this image isn't spoken of as a portal, most Reiki practitioners don’t consider it as one. Throughout my years of experimenting with Reiki, I've found that Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be utilized to achieve entry to the angelic realm—in addition to different components of the universe and different worlds—to convey power from these realms right into a Reiki therapy. And what higher solution to introduce the idea of Reiki Portals than to make use of Reiki Portals to attach with these heavenly beings who're amongst our best religious guides.