This can be a very highly effective therapy approach from the Western custom that makes use of all three symbols, which is often carried out instantly earlier than a normal hands-on therapy utilizing the 12 hand positions. When you use this methodology, you may then scale back the timings of the usual hand positions afterward to about three minutes (versus the conventional 5 minutes), which ought to nonetheless end in a therapy lasting roughly one hour. This process successfully floods the entire physique and aura with waves of Reiki, and connects it to the Supply, permitting pure love and deep therapeutic to move down straight into the particular person in a profound means.

One other crucial side of this therapy is that it's completely essential to pay attention absolutely on the consumer all through the “psychological/emotional” a part of the therapy, which lasts for between 5 and ten minutes. Utilizing the symbols on this means successfully “opens up” the consumer’s crown, coronary heart and photo voltaic plexus chakras, to be able to facilitate actually deep therapeutic. This implies, nevertheless, that they're notably vulnerable to receiving your ideas on a unconscious stage, so it's crucial that you simply suppose positively fairly than negatively, and that you simply don’t let your thoughts get lost to consider your individual considerations, issues or irritations.

The visualization approach, which is described, really helps you to focus on the therapy, so it won't be as arduous because it sounds. If any damaging ideas do drift into your thoughts, simply allow them to go (you would possibly prefer to see them drifting away inside pink bubbles). In case your thoughts wanders off just a little, simply carry it again, and consciously undertaking some constructive ideas to the consumer, akin to “I'm wholesome, match and properly” or “I'm calm, relaxed and all is properly in my world,” after which enable your focus to return absolutely to your consumer.