The religious empowerment “attunes” your power physique to the actual vibrational frequencies of the Reiki power, that means it brings your energies and the Reiki energies into concord with each other, in order that the Reiki can movement simply into and round your power discipline. This course of additionally creates, or reactivates, a everlasting religious channel (a kind of conduit within the power physique to hold religious power) inside your power discipline, by means of which Reiki (and solely Reiki) can movement into your crown chakra, and thru your forehead, throat and coronary heart chakras to your arms after which all the way down to the middle of every palm, and out (see illustration, web page 30).
This channel shouldn't be seen (besides maybe to individuals with distinctive psychic items), however I often describe it as an power equal of a fiber-optic tube. Simply as mild can movement down a fiber-optic tube and be seen shining out the opposite finish, so Reiki flows down this channel in your power physique till it flows out your arms. Some Reiki Masters declare to have “channeled” extra symbols, or new strategies of attunement, or particular hand positions to reinforce their therapeutic, and different individuals converse of “channeling” info from extremely developed religious guides.
What this implies in actual phrases is that they've acquired perception and inspiration they consider to be from a supply exterior of themselves, or probably from their Souls/Increased Selves, which can happen throughout meditation or visualization, throughout a artistic exercise or just when strolling in pure environment. For a few of these individuals this could produce a really profound religious expertise of a psychic nature, whereas for others it appears extra like a superbly regular a part of on a regular basis life, like waking up from a strong and enlightening dream. Channeling Reiki, however, is easy, simple and computerized after you have been attuned to its energetic vibration; it requires no rituals or difficult processes and it feels completely pure.