Before You Begin

When you could have made certain your consumer is comfy, it's time to make your individual preparations. Spend a couple of minutes centering your self by respiratory deeply and evenly, and permitting your physique to loosen up. I might then suggest that in case you have not already performed so, you perform both the Dry Brushing or Reiki Bathe self-cleansing methods outlined in Chapter 15, after which you're able to “tune in” to the Reiki by intending that it ought to movement.

You would possibly wish to invoke the Reiki silently by saying to your self “I'm now beginning a full Reiki therapy on [name of person] and want Reiki to movement into him/her for his/her highest and biggest good.” This isn't strictly vital, as once you increase your fingers to begin the therapy, your ideas have already been acted upon, and the Reiki may have began to movement, nevertheless it reaffirms your intentions.