Birth of the Reiki Halo

The thought of a Reiki Halo first got here to me after I was providing a Reiki group therapeutic to the workers of the Omega Institute. Through the therapeutic, I heard a voice from one among my spirit guides inform me to invoke a halo made out of Reiki over everybody within the room. Then, as if I intuitively understood what this meant and the influence it will have on these receiving the therapeutic, I requested my Greater Self to manifest a Reiki Halo over each particular person within the room. Instantly after invoking the Reiki Halos, I felt the consciousness throughout the room shift to the next vibration. Since that day, I've used Reiki Halos each for private use and group healings.

A Reiki Halo is solely a sophisticated type of Reiki Hologram. The aim of a Reiki Halo is to lift your consciousness to the next stage by clearing the vitality across the crown chakra and bringing your consciousness to that space of your being. In case you may see it, it will appear to be a halo manufactured from Reiki, hovering a number of inches above your crown chakra. However since you are particularly naming this hologram a Reiki Halo (as an alternative of merely a Reiki band of sunshine above your head), it energetically additionally carries the infused vitality of a extremely non secular state of consciousness that's related to a halo. In the identical method, the Reiki Hologram of the sarcophagus within the king’s chamber of the Nice Pyramid is infused with an vitality just like that real-life object.