Chakra Clearing and Balancing


This may be completed with the consumer both mendacity down or sitting upright in a chair. By working straight above or subsequent to the chakras, within the aura, the Reiki is ready to clear the chakra of blockages and steadiness the energies. Ask the consumer to shut their eyes, then quietly heart your self by respiratory deeply and evenly for just a few moments, and intend that the Reiki ought to stream for the very best and best good.

1. Whenever you really feel prepared, put together your self for the therapy by standing a bit away from the consumer and drawing a Energy Image over every of your palms and a big Energy Image down the entrance of your physique, saying its sacred mantra 3 times every time you accomplish that. This empowers your entire power area with Reiki, in order that while you strategy the consumer once more each of you can be encompassed in a area of Reiki.

2. Beginning at their head, draw a Energy Image together with your proper (or dominant) hand within the air above their crown chakra (or in entrance, if they're seated) about 15-30 cm (6-12 in) away. Si - lently say the mantra to your self 3 times and maintain your hand there for roughly one minute.

3. Then transfer your hand to carry it above (or in entrance of ) the forehead (Third Eye) chakra, once more about 15-30 cm (6-12 in) away from the pinnacle. Draw the Energy Image within the air above (or in entrance of) their forehead chakra, silently say the mantra 3 times and maintain your hand there for about one minute.

4. Repeat these actions in precisely the identical means for every of the remaining chakras—throat, coronary heart, photo voltaic plexus, sacral and root—holding your hand nonetheless above (or in entrance of ) every chakra for about one minute.

5. When you might have completed, take your hand a bit farther away from their physique, draw a big Energy Image within the air over (or in entrance of) the entire of their physique and silently say the mantra 3 times, intending that this seals within the Reiki.

6. Then take away your fingers from the recipient, place them at midchest top within the Gassho (prayer) place and mentally give thanks for the Reiki, bowing barely as a mark of respect.

7. Lastly, both click on your fingers, or shake your fingers vigorously, to finish the connection.

8. Bear in mind to cleanse your self afterward with Dry Brushing or the Reiki Bathe.