Crystals and Gemstones Tools for Exploration 

You will discover reference to crystals within the sections of this ebook on symbols and on our delicate vitality system. 

There aren't any absolute guidelines in working with crystals. They're instruments for enhancing our exploration and talent to discern the vibrations of Karuna Reiki vitality. 

The stones listed in every part assist to accentuate particular qualities of Karuna Reiki vitality. For instance when the stones listed within the earlier part are charged with Karuna Reiki, holding them or meditating with them might help us sense the totally different transpersonal vitality facilities. These listed within the symbols part might help us join extra clearly with the distinctive vibration of every image. 

It's at all times a good suggestion to cleanse crystals and stones earlier than you're employed with them. There are numerous methods to do that. You may cleanse crystals by putting them in direct daylight for a number of hours, placing them in a dish of sea salt, smudging with sage or cedar smoke, burying them within the earth, or channeling the Usui energy image into them with the intention of lifting something lower than gentle out of the crystal and purifying it. 

Charging crystals may be very easy, you possibly can draw a picture of the image(s) you need to work with over the stone and channel vitality into it. One other means is to visualise the image(s) floating in a ball of light above your head. Inhale think about you're inhaling by way of the crown of your head. Your in-breath will comprise the essence of the image(s). Maintain the crystal in your palms and exhale with all of your energy into the crystal intending that the stone will retain the therapeutic energies and carry the essence of the symbols. 

When working with crystals as indicated on this ebook, the intention is to not do bodywork on self or others. Crystal therapeutic is a complete modality in itself and deserves severe and thorough examine. The intention for the use of crystals as described right here is to assist the practitioner develop a deeper understanding of the character of Karuna vitality.