Discovering What Reiki Is and Isn’t 

Reiki is popping up in every single place, however a number of of us are nonetheless confused about what Reiki is strictly. Within the context used on this ebook, Reiki is each: 

A therapeutic system that channels common life-force vitality: This 

system was initially developed by Mikao Usui within the early 1900s in Japan. For extra on Reiki’s starting, see “Exploring the Historical past of Reiki,” later on this chapter, and in addition Chapter 3. 

The identify of the vitality itself: Rei means religious knowledge, and ki 

means vitality, so Reiki means religious vitality. See Determine 1-1, which illustrates the phrase Reiki in Japanese characters. 

Some individuals use the phrase Reiki as a verb, as in “I'll Reiki him.” What they're saying is, “I'll give Reiki to him.” 

Reiki is on the market to everybody. Anybody of any age or sickness degree can obtain Reiki. Even new child infants or individuals on the finish of life can profit from the comfort that Reiki gives.