Discovering Your Body’s Energy Anatomy 

Trendy-day science and medication concentrate on the physique as a posh machine composed of interacting components.

You possibly can see your physique along with your eyes, however think about that there's an vitality in and round your physique you can’t see along with your eyes. A few of you might be fairly snug believing and speaking about vitality you'll be able to’t see along with your eyes. Maybe you'll be able to sense (along with your sixth sense) or simply “know” along with your instinct that this vitality exists. 

Others of you might be extra skeptical or suspicious of something you'll be able to’t see. Admittedly, regardless that I'm scientifically skilled, I'm a type of individuals who simply “senses” that the physique is actually product of and is surrounded by vitality. I don’t want scientific proof to learn about vitality. Nevertheless it’s good to know that scientific analysis backs up the speculation that the physique is product of vitality. 

Einstein’s well-known equation, E=MC2, expresses completely that matter (the physique) is the same as vitality. All it's a must to do to transform matter to vitality (in Einstein’s equation) is multiply a set quantity (the fixed, c) and sq. that quantity to get the numerical illustration of the matter in vitality type. 

I’ll depart the small print of Einstein’s equation to physicists, however what this pro- discovered equation says is that matter and vitality are the identical factor. So, your physique, which you'll be able to contact and really feel, is matter, and it is usually vitality.