Distinguishing Reiki from other forms of energy healing 

Power therapeutic is a part of many various cultures. Whether or not or not it's acupuncture or the laying on of fingers, the usage of vitality to deal with sickness is a part of human historical past. 

Reiki presents a method to obtain non secular and private progress and likewise to heal others. However Reiki isn't the one system with these targets. Two methods which might be generally confused with Reiki are: 

✔ Johrei: The founding father of Johrei, Mokichi Okada, was a recent of 

Mikao Usui (founding father of Reiki) in Japan. The Johrei non secular motion encompasses greater than hands-on non secular therapeutic and advocates indi- vidual non secular growth so that everybody can attain “paradise on earth.” Go to the Site www.johrei.com for extra info. 

✔ Therapeutic contact: In 1972, Dr. Dolores Krieger, RN, and Dora Kunz 

developed the therapeutic system known as therapeutic contact. This energy- therapeutic system entails comparable options to Reiki and is taught as a 12- hour workshop. Therapeutic contact requires compassion and need to develop expertise by means of apply and focus. Therapeutic contact is usually practiced inside the nursing occupation. See www.therapeutic-touch.org/ for extra info. 

Listed below are different sorts of vitality therapeutic: 

✔ Acupuncture 

✔ Polarity remedy 

✔ Pranic therapeutic 

✔ Prayer 

✔ Qigong 

Reiki is distinct from these different practices by means of its use of symbols and the attunement