Eighth-Dimensional Reiki Empowerment

This empowerment is not going to be troublesome to combine if in case you have accomplished the work in all of the chapters main as much as this one. When you have not accomplished this work, then don't ask for this empowerment. To take action would overwhelm your energetic system.

Earlier than receiving this empowerment, which is the final empowerment on this e-book, you must as soon as once more meditate on an vitality trade with the Divine. After you have come to a realization of what that trade needs to be, and have made your dedication to the Divine to satisfy this vitality trade, then put aside a time and place that feels proper for receiving this present and for honoring the sacredness of this event. On the day that you're able to obtain the empowerment, take a sea salt bathtub to cleanse your aura. After you have completed your bathtub, costume in a fashion that matches the event after which mild a white candle to the Divine and Mikao Usui. To obtain the empowerment, say the next empowerment chant:

Blessed are those that have introduced us Reiki
Blessed are those that proceed this sacred mild
Blessings unto all
Blessings unto me

Enable your full being to linger on this expertise. You might really feel it in very refined methods or under no circumstances. The reality of this expertise will probably be felt extra if you find yourself utilizing this empowerment with respect to your individual energetic practices. You now have the flexibility to movement all of the energies taught on this e-book on the eighth-dimensional degree.

There isn't any separate instructing for methods to use the eighth-dimensional improve to your skills. You'll merely discover it helpful at instances once you can not get to a difficulty utilizing different means. For instance, if you're making an attempt to strip away one thing on the karmic degree, and Lotus Reiki just isn't going deep sufficient to get on the problem, attempt utilizing an eighth-dimensional model of Lotus Reiki, just by intending that it movement on the eighth-dimensional degree.

Now that you've got this empowerment, return to any train from a earlier chapter and repeat the train utilizing an eighth-dimensional model of the vitality referred to as for in every train. It will develop into significantly fascinating once you get to the vitality koans, taking them (and your self) to a fair deeper degree of awakening to the magic of the One.