There may be actually no restrict to the methods during which you need to use the Reiki Symbols to reinforce and empower your life. The only and best factor to do is to make use of the Energy Image frequently over nearly all the things, with the intention of filling it with Reiki in order that not solely will it perform much more successfully, however it's going to additionally emanate Reiki, in order that as you stroll round your property or different areas you frequently use, you're all the time absorbing Reiki. The next is a pattern checklist, however you may in all probability consider much more. Simply be inventive, and revel in it:
• Bathwater
• Lightbulbs/heaters
• Boiler
• Showerhead
• Tv/radio
• Oven/microwave
• Toiletries
• CD/cassette participant
• Washer/dryer
• Cosmetics
• Pc/laptop computer/digital diary
• Dishwasher/vacuum cleaner
• Garments
• Phone/mobile phone/pager
• Teapot/coffeemaker
• Jewellery/clocks/watches
• Automotive/bike/bicycle
• Meals processor/juicer
• Mattress/pillows
• Chairs/couch/eating desk
• … and anything!
Now you will have numerous sensible methods of utilizing the symbols to reinforce your life, and I hope you'll discover them actually useful. Nonetheless, it's now time to be a bit extra adventurous, so the subsequent chapter has some very inventive methods of utilizing your Second Diploma abilities to have enjoyable with Reiki. Get pleasure from!