We speak about “vitality” in several methods, maybe referring to vitality sources corresponding to coal, fuel, wind energy or electrical energy, or the caloric worth of meals, however the definition of vitality is way broader than that. Einstein and later quantum physicists have defined that at an atomic degree every little thing that exists within the Universe is vitality, vibrating and oscillating at totally different charges; that bodily matter and vitality are simply two types of the identical factor. So vitality is all there may be. We're acquainted with a few of these energetic vibrations, corresponding to sound, gentle, radio waves and X-rays. These are all a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and from a scientific perspective the one distinction between these varied types of vitality is that every oscillates at a unique frequency or fee of vibration.

Human beings are additionally comprised of electromagnetic vitality, and each cell, atom and subatomic particle that makes up the human physique is vibrating at totally different charges relying upon their biochemical make-up. For instance, the precise electrical output of the human coronary heart may be measured on an ECG machine (electrocardiogram). Additionally, the electromagnetic output of the entire physique may be measured utilizing an electromyograph, and the traditional organic frequency for the human physique is round 250 cps (cycles per second). Nonetheless, some analysis that may be very related to our understanding of human vitality was carried out on quite a lot of folks, recording the output at websites on the physique historically related to high-energy spots generally known as chakras (from the Sanskrit phrase for wheel or vortex), and a few very attention-grabbing outcomes had been obtained.

Most individuals within the examine recorded the traditional vary, round 250 cps, however when the exams had been carried out on individuals who used therapeutic energies (corresponding to Reiki) and others who actively used their psychic capability, it was discovered that their frequencies registered in a band between 400 and 800 cps. Even larger frequencies—greater than 900 cps—had been present in individuals who had been described as “mystical personalities.”

These folks weren't solely psychics and healers, but in addition adopted a really non secular path and had been in a position to meditate deeply; furthermore, they felt a connection to every little thing in nature and past, and held holistic and metaphysical beliefs. As you will note in later chapters, once I speak about Reiki “elevating your vibrations,” there may be now scientific proof to show that’s true.

However what's attention-grabbing is that science has lastly confirmed one thing that has been a part of the non secular knowledge of many cultures for hundreds of years—that an unseen vitality flows by means of and connects all residing issues. This vitality has varied names, relying upon the tradition or non secular custom, in all probability probably the most generally recognized being Ki (Japanese) and Chi or Qi (Chinese language), however it can be known as Prana (Indian), Gentle or Spirit or the Holy Ghost (Christian), or as Vitality or Life pressure. As this e-book is about Reiki I'll consult with it by its Japanese title, Ki, or as life pressure, however earlier than we study Reiki’s connection to this life-force vitality in additional element, I need to clarify the human vitality physique in larger depth.