Energy Koan Number 5

On a night when there's a full moon, stand outdoors and ask the spirit of the moon in case you can run a Reiki Twine between your personal coronary heart and the moon. In case your instinct tells you that the reply is sure, then say the next invocation.

By the ability of the golden mild inside
By the ability of the sacred breath
I manifest this fact
I now will my Increased Self to attune the moon
as a Reiki Battery
and to attune my coronary heart as a Reiki Battery
and to manifest a Reiki Twine between these two factors
I manifest this now
So be it!

(Blow thrice.)

Really feel the wire of power linking you to this celestial physique. Permit your consciousness to indulge in the truth that you might be related to this magical and historical being. When you find yourself prepared, ask your Increased Self to launch the Reiki Batteries and Reiki Twine, and thank the moon for the present of this expertise. Upon getting efficiently engaged this course of with the moon, attempt it once more with different celestial our bodies, together with the solar, different planets, stars, and even distant galaxies. Permit your self to ponder then your direct relationship, which you may have demonstrated energetically, with all of those celestial our bodies.