Energy Koan Number 7

Ask your Increased Self to attune your title to be a Reiki Portal to the Divine. (A Reiki Portal on this stage briefly calls forth the innate Divine presence that exists inside all the pieces; on this case, the Divine will emanate out of your title.) Now, say your personal title repeatedly. As you say your title, discover the power in your mouth, and the way a Divine presence appears to emanate from among the many letters you might be mouthing. Consider the connection between you and the Divine as you retain repeating your personal title. Following is the invocation to do that:

By the ability of the golden mild inside
By the ability of the sacred breath
I manifest this fact
I now will my Increased Self to attune my title as a Reiki Portal
to the Divine
I manifest this now
So be it!

(Blow thrice.)

The portal will finally fade. However what won't fade is your reminiscence of the Divine presence felt inside your title as you chanted it.

Leaping Past

The previous seven power koans are merely strategies of how one can leap past the conventional framework of consciousness utilizing superior Reiki methods. Although in and of themselves, the koans won't essentially launch the veil of Maya, they may give you a wider perspective of your relationship with the Divine in addition to show the malleable nature of time and house. This, in itself, helps broaden and deepen your religious consciousness, permitting it to develop in order that at some point you'll lose the veil of Maya.