Everybody has some type of psychic capability that they will select to develop or block. Nevertheless, being attuned to Reiki can usually unblock this capability or help you develop it additional than you'd in any other case have finished. This isn't something to be nervous about as a result of, as at all times, Reiki works just for the best and best good, so if it's the proper time in your religious journey so that you can develop your intuitive expertise, it is possible for you to to take action.

There are three varieties of psychic capability:

1. Clairsentience, which means “clear sensing,” to really feel or sense delicate energies or spirit.

2. Clairaudience, which means “clear listening to,” similar to in mediumship or channeling.

3. Clairvoyance, which means “clear sight,” similar to having the ability to see into the longer term and the previous and having the ability to see delicate energies like auras.


Many individuals who do Reiki discover their capability to sense delicate energies tremendously improves as their expertise with Reiki will increase. They will detect totally different layers of individuals’s auras and sense imbalances, and likewise examine whether or not these imbalances have dispersed after giving Reiki. Additionally, they grow to be extra conscious of any “ambiance” in a room or between individuals. Some construct up their expertise in order that they will sense the presence of religious beings, together with spirit guides and angels, even to the extent of having the ability to really feel their contact.


Different individuals discover that they grow to be mediums: listening to messages from discarnate beings (that's, people who find themselves not residing on the bodily airplane) or develop the power to “hear” steerage from their spirit guides (discarnate beings in the next dimension who want to share their knowledge to assist us). They could additionally be capable to “channel” info from extremely developed lecturers from religious realms (generally known as ascended masters).

Some individuals truly hear actual voices that appear to come back from outdoors their heads, however most simply discover that the phrases seem inside their heads, like ideas—and but not fairly like ideas. I do know which may be complicated, however it's fairly troublesome to explain. One option to inform the distinction is that when a query is being requested—even in case you are doing the asking your self—the reply seems in your head earlier than you've got even completed formulating the query.


Very often, individuals develop the power to “see” different realities—as an illustration, they're able to see inside somebody’s physique to inform what's incorrect with them bodily. The primary time this occurs could be a large shock: I bear in mind my first event, which was seeing somebody’s cardiovascular system in full shifting Technicolor, with three blockages clearly obvious, and wow, was I shocked! Nevertheless, it did imply that I may place my palms straight over the blockages and that I may examine afterward to see if the blockages had gone—which they'd.

Different clairvoyant talents embody seeing colours or blockages in auras and chakras; “seeing” the power representations of an individual’s life inside their aura—for instance, what their house appears to be like like or having the ability to describe their members of the family—and having the ability to see visions of issues which have occurred previously or which may occur sooner or later. (Notice that I mentioned “would possibly” occur sooner or later. Your future just isn't mounted, as it's being created by your personal ideas. So should you change your thoughts, you'll change your future too.) Some individuals additionally develop the power to see angels and spirit guides.