Exercise: Reiki shower

Exercise: Reiki shower

  • Connect to Reiki.
  • Increase your palms above your head, one on high of the opposite, palms going through down.
  • Intend or ask Reiki to stream down from this ‘showerhead’ over your physique and thru your aura, then transfer your palms down in entrance of your physique to ‘take away’ any launched vitality.
  • Repeat this twice.
  • End by inserting your palms in Gassho.

A cold bathe

In lots of ascetic esoteric traditions, the monks will stand below an ice-cold waterfall – for 30 minutes. Even in winter. Personally, I can’t see myself doing this – even the English sea in August is just too chilly for me.

An amazing and extra accessible trendy tackle that is merely to have a chilly bathe! I do that each morning for about 10 seconds, intending that it's going to clear my meridians and chakras and eliminate any detrimental vitality. And it really works – generally I've to hurry out of the bathe as a result of I’ve simply had a brand new concept. Standing below chilly working water (even when solely in agreeable doses) is a good way of seeing issues extra clearly.

Afterwards, after all, I've a pleasant heat enjoyable bathe.