Exercise: Sei HeKi Chiryo-Ho (Changing bad habits)

Exercise: Sei HeKi Chiryo-Ho (Changing bad habits)

This Japanese approach can be utilized to alter behaviour, unhealthy habits or addictions.

It may be used on your self or for treating others.

Treating others

  • Assist the shopper to create the affirmation they need to use. It needs to be constructive and set within the current, for instance, ‘I settle for my new colleague’ or ‘I train usually.’
  • Place your fingers in Gassho and intend to hook up with Reiki.
  • Draw the Concord Image within the air, repeat the mantra Sei HeKi 3 times and intend that Reiki will assist the shopper to realize their objective. (Word: The train may also be completed with out using the image – historically, it's ignored.)
  • Standing both behind or subsequent to the shopper, place one hand on their brow and the opposite on the decrease again of their head.
  • Ask the shopper to repeat the affirmation silently for about 5 minutes.
  • Take away your hand from their brow. Maintain your different hand in place for a couple of minutes.
  • End by giving thanks in Gassho.

Treating your self

  • Create an acceptable affirmation for your self, then use the identical sequence of hand positions.