Experiences and results straight after a therapy

Pain is best

In lots of circumstances, shoppers discover that the bodily downside they're affected by has improved. Typically dramatically.

Pain is worse

In different circumstances, the other occurs. Though initially perplexing, this so-called ‘therapeutic disaster’ is a widely known impact in lots of therapies, not simply in Reiki. It signifies that one thing is shifting and the bodily therapeutic course of has began, though the preliminary efforts are inflicting ache. It’s just like the feeling once we minimize ourselves: we have a look at the bleeding wound and don’t really feel something in any respect. We put it below chilly water, apply a plaster – and instantly the ache kicks in. That is when the precise therapeutic begins.

A therapeutic disaster can final between an hour and a day, however not longer. Skilled Reiki practitioners simply smile when someone complains about feeling a bit worse after the therapy and reassure them that they may really feel the other quickly.

Not a lot has modified

In lots of circumstances, the rapid impact is barely refined – barely noticeable – because the physique wants a while earlier than the massive change occurs. Typically the primary enchancment takes place over the next day or two. The long-lost advantage of persistence turns out to be useful right here.

An concept concerning the trigger

It could possibly additionally occur {that a} shopper comes out of a therapy with a transparent concept of what they'll do to resolve an issue (bodily or in any other case) and/or what (usually seemingly unrelated) precipitated it within the first place.

Not fairly again

Some shoppers look barely dazed after the therapy. They mumble phrases like ‘bizarre’, ‘unusual’ or ‘odd’ and wish a while to digest what’s occurred to them. I recommend they drink loads of water, have some recent air and spend a while on their very own. Encouraging them to do dry brushing (see Kenyoku-Ho (Dry bathing)) may even assist them to come back again to the right here and now extra rapidly.

One thing has come to the floor

In an identical option to a bodily therapeutic disaster, it could occur {that a} shopper feels emotionally unwell. Some really feel unhappy, some even offended – not concerning the therapy however a couple of reminiscence that has surfaced. This will probably be one thing they now need to take care of. However the truth that it has come out means they can do that – and naturally they've the help of Reiki.

Smiling throughout

And once more, the other might occur: typically a shopper simply oozes happiness, aid and wellbeing.