Exploring the Historical past of Reiki

I need to make clear some misconceptions in regards to the historical past of Reiki. Despite the fact that different hands-on, non secular, and energy-healing strategies have historic origins, the observe of Reiki is from 20th century Japan. Mikao Usui was born in 1865, and he taught Reiki within the early 1900s onward. He claimed that his system was distinctive.
Watch out for previous or false info, which remains to be current in older books or Internet sites. New info has are available the previous couple of years from Reiki historians who've visited Japan and interviewed Japanese Reiki practitioners and discovered Mikao Usui’s memorial stone

When Mikao Usui first developed his system for non secular therapeutic, he referred to as it Usui Reiki Ryoho, which suggests the Usui methodology for non secular therapeutic. As this system was handed on and taught within the West, the identify of the system was referred to as merely Reiki. Reiki has exploded into totally different branches, with variations on Usui’s authentic system. I cowl the background of Reiki in Japan and the evolution into Western types in Chapter 3. I additionally describe totally different Reiki branches (Western and Japanese) and the idea of lineage in Reiki.
Whenever you examine Reiki, you may hint your lineage again to Mikao Usui by means of the itemizing of lecturers. 

The frequent ingredient of all faculties or branches of Reiki is the power to channel common life-force vitality.