First a proof of Gassho, which you should have seen talked about briefly earlier than on this e book: the phrase itself actually means “to position the 2 palms collectively,” and it's most likely probably the most basic of all of the mudras (symbolic hand gestures or positions) that we use. It's a gesture of respect, humility and reverence, and is used to pay attention the thoughts and to precise the whole unity of Being. It's seen as a connection between physique, thoughts and spirit, selling calmness. In Reiki it's used throughout the Japanese empowerment known as Rei-ju and throughout the Western custom attunement course of. It may be used to start and finish any of the methods on this e book, as an indication of prayerful respect and honor of the system, the vitality, the consumer and all creation.
To make a Gassho, place each fingers along with their palms touching and the fingers and thumbs shut collectively and prolonged upward in a prayer place, and maintain them in order that the thumbs are held near the middle of the chest (coronary heart chakra). After just a few moments, maintaining your fingers collectively, bow barely to point out re - spect.