Gedoku-ho (Detoxing method) 

Gedoku-ho (Detoxing method) 

Objective : “Doku” means “poison or toxin” and “Ge” means to “deliver down”. Its prime focus is to have the ability to detoxify the consumer or by the way your self. 

Its additionally been used to help the digestion after consuming and likewise decreasing the secondary impact of medicines or remedies. 

Right here is the train: 

  • Do all these steps slowly 
  • Place one hand on their entrance tanden and the opposite hand on the again of the tanden(i.e. One hand in entrance of them beneath the navel and the opposite hand on there decrease again and so forth). 
  • Now let Reiki stream and picture the toxins leaving the physique, do that for at least 13 minutes. 
  • I merely think about the toxins leaving the physique by means of the ft again to Mom earth. 

It could in all probability additionally profit the consumer in the event that they too had been additionally imaging the Toxins exiting the physique by means of the ft again to Mom earth.