The Reiki hand positions for a self-treatment comply with the chakras down the physique, first down the entrance after which down the again, so it's fairly straightforward to recollect them, and after getting practiced them for some time it is going to turn out to be second nature. Most Reiki Masters train 12 hand positions for each self-treatment and remedy of others—4 on the top, 4 on the entrance of the physique and 4 on the again of the physique.

Every hand place ought to really feel snug; in any other case you'll not get the total profit when it comes to leisure. Your arms must be laid gently in your physique within the order proven on pages 86-92, and it's ordinary to maintain your fingers shut collectively, with the thumbs additionally near the hand. This appears to assist focus the vitality extra effectively than if the fingers and thumbs are huge aside, maybe as a result of the hand chakra is deep within the heart of the palm, though Reiki does come out of your fingertips and the backs of your arms too.

You'll discover that every hand is positioned on a distinct facet of the physique. Treating all sides of the physique equally helps steadiness the energies, encouraging a great circulate of Ki across the physique’s vitality system. Nevertheless, if in case you have any incapacity or harm that stops you from utilizing two arms, similar to a damaged arm, a stroke or an amputation, then you may place one hand on one facet and intend, or visualize, that the opposite hand is in a complementary pos-ition on the opposite facet. Vitality follows intentional thought, so the Reiki will circulate via applicable components of your vitality physique—even when an arm or leg is amputated, its delicate vitality counterparts are nonetheless there—and can then circulate into wherever you plan it to go.

Additionally, you will discover that the remedy is began on the head. The primary three hand positions then focus the Reiki towards the crown and third-eye chakras. The remedy then works down the entrance of the physique, over the throat, coronary heart, photo voltaic plexus, sacral and root chakras. Vitality can circulate into and out of the physique via any of the chakras, however when it flows into the crown chakra first and from there down via the remainder of the vitality physique, it appears to allow the Reiki to maneuver extra simply into the opposite chakras, in addition to having a gentler, extra calming and stress-free impact. If the vitality is taken in first via the foundation chakra or the toes, whereas it's by no means dangerous to do Reiki that method, it tends to have a extra vibrant and energizing impact, which some individuals discover barely agitating, so I don’t usually suggest this.