When doing a therapy, your fingers are at all times used with the fingers closed, and the thumb near the hand. Essentially the most standard type of full Reiki therapy within the West relies on 12 hand positions on the pinnacle and physique.

Every place is often held for about 5 minutes with the choice of leaving the fingers on longer in any place the place you'll be able to really feel that there's nonetheless a number of Reiki flowing (for instance warmth, coldness, tingling, buzzing sensations, and so forth), which might point out that the realm nonetheless wants extra power.

Some Reiki Masters train a barely completely different construction for the therapy, with as much as six hand positions on the pinnacle and neck, and as much as ten hand positions on the entrance of the physique, together with the legs and ft, and one other ten on the again of the physique, once more together with the legs and ft. This provides a complete of 26 hand positions, with these on the pinnacle and physique being held for about 5 minutes and people on the legs and ft being held for 2 or three minutes.

Though I now know and have tried out the 68 hand positions that Dr. Usui used, in virtually each case I proceed to make use of the 12 hand positions I used to be initially taught. They permit Reiki to movement into each chakra, and round the entire bodily and power physique, so even once I really feel strongly drawn to provide Reiki to some further locations, I simply add them to the movement and rhythm of the standard Western therapy.

It takes simply over an hour if every place is held for 5 minutes, permitting a couple of minutes for the consumer to show over in order that their again may be handled. If extra hand positions are used, it'll take longer—about an hour and a half. It's due to this fact essential that each you and your consumer ought to be comfy. Holding the fingers nonetheless for any size of time is usually a pressure in case you don’t have the Reiki sofa, or different appropriate tools, on the proper peak.

It's standard to begin with shoppers mendacity on their again with their arms at their sides, and the Practitioner standing or sitting behind their head for the primary 5 hand positions. The fingers are purported to relaxation gently on the particular person’s physique, so watch out to not exert any stress.

Most individuals discover the light putting of the fingers on the physique very reassuring, however some individuals actually can not bear to be touched. You may due to this fact maintain your fingers above the physique within the auric subject at a peak that's comfy for you, and the Reiki will nonetheless movement into the consumer. This can be helpful for treating areas of the physique the place some type of harm means even the lightest stress could be painful. Nonetheless, holding your fingers within the aura above the physique with out assist may be tiring, so pay particular consideration to your stance or how you're seated to make sure that you're as comfy as potential.

Some individuals, after they first begin doing Reiki, are reluctant to put their fingers on the consumer’s physique, feeling that it's indirectly intrusive, so that they barely enable their fingers to the touch the physique, leading to a hesitant, “fluttering” feeling that the majority shoppers don’t like. If the fingers are positioned calmly however confidently, this helps to provide the consumer a sense of safety, and as not one of the hand positions is “intimate” there isn't a invasion of privateness.

Be very light when the fingers are moved from one place to a different, and transfer one hand at a time, if potential, so that you've continuity of contact. For hand positions 6 via 8, you will have to face or sit at one aspect of the particular person being handled.

When you could have completed treating the entrance of the physique you will have to softly rouse the consumer (who's often deeply relaxed at this stage) and ask them to show over onto the entrance. Once more, be sure they're comfy, and assist them to show over if vital, adjusting the pillows in order that the pinnacle rests comfortably and the opposite pillow is positioned underneath the ankles. Their arms don’t should be by their sides when they're mendacity on their entrance, so enable them to place them in any method they like. It's also a good suggestion to inform them that if they should, they will alter their place. Typically individuals bravely keep in the identical place regardless of being in appreciable discomfort, as a result of they assume they're anticipated to.

When the consumer is settled once more, the therapy can proceed. Hand place 9, on the shoulders, is very good for individuals who maintain a number of pressure of their shoulders, which might be most of us. You then progress down one aspect of the physique for hand positions 10 via 12.