Reiki is the only and best holistic therapeutic methodology accessible to us, so anybody can study to make use of it, no matter their age or gender, faith or origin. No particular prior information or expertise is required; you want solely a need to study, a willingness to let this therapeutic power movement by means of you, and a few spare time to attend a brief course.
Nevertheless, Reiki can't be “discovered” in any of the methods with which we within the West are acquainted. You can not purchase the flexibility to channel Reiki by studying a guide, or attending a lecture, or watching a tv program or video; though you'll be able to discover ways to use Reiki in these methods—for instance, the place to position your arms when finishing up a Reiki remedy.
Reiki doesn't truly require any studying, within the conventional sense, as a result of it isn't knowledge-based; it's experience-based. You must participate in a particular ceremony of religious empowerment, often referred to as an attunement or initiation, the place you turn into initiated into the Reiki power by a certified Reiki Grasp who has been taught learn how to perform that course of, so that you just turn into a Reiki channel, ready to attract Reiki into your self each time and wherever you want to.