How Reiki is taught

How Reiki is taught

Historically, Reiki is taught on three ranges. Nonetheless, in some Japanese traditions the second and third ranges are subdivided into two tiers every. (Nothing extra is generally taught – solely the educational time prolonged.) Mikao Usui appears to have usually custom-made his educating to satisfy the person necessities of his college students. So it could have ranged from a crash course (two ranges over 4 or 5 consecutive days) to an prolonged coaching programme of a number of months.

This, although, is the overall format:

Degree 1

Western identify: Reiki 1

Japanese identify: Shoden (the newbie’s teachings)

Conditions: Completely none. Simply flip up.

It consists of:

  • attunements (usually 4)
  • primary palm-healing strategies
  • respiratory, cleaning and meditation strategies
  • the Reiki ideas
  • symbols and mantras (albeit solely implicitly: they're utilized by the trainer throughout the attunements however aren't revealed to the scholars)

Degree 2

Western identify: Reiki 2

Japanese identify: Okuden (the deeper/interior teachings)

Conditions: Reiki 1 (and ideally just a few weeks or months of follow, however this isn't completely important)

It consists of:

  • attunements (usually one, however generally as much as three)
  • superior and extra intuitive palm-healing strategies
  • extra respiratory and meditation
  • three symbols and mantras (the Energy, Concord and Connection Symbols)
  • the necessities for practising Reiki professionally (included on some Western-style programs solely)

Degree 3

Western identify: Grasp/Instructor degree

Japanese identify: Shinpiden (the thriller teachings) or Shihan (Instructor)

Conditions: Reiki 1 and a pair of and a few expertise as a practitioner. Some academics ask for a minimal interval of 1 or two years between Reiki 2 and Reiki Grasp degree.

It consists of:


  • a Grasp attunement (usually one, however generally two)


  • much more respiratory and meditation
  • the Grasp image and mantra
  • a deeper have a look at all teachings from earlier ranges
  • how you can give attunements/Reiju
  • how you can educate Reiki


Shifting away from the technical points, we will additionally have a look at the construction in a philosophical method:

  • Reiki 1 (Shoden), the newbie’s degree, is about bodily therapeutic and opening as much as steering from the universe.
  • Reiki 2 (Okuden), the deeper teachings, explain  relation to the universe.
  • The Grasp degree (Shinpiden), the thriller teachings, appears on the existential questions. Why are we right here? What are we related to? The place are we coming from? Or just: Who am I?