How the Universal Reiki Healing Grid Was Created

In my experiments with Reiki on the Increased Self stage, I used to be ultimately proven by the spirit of Mikao Usui find out how to work on the Increased Self stage to manifest Reiki Grids on a extra common scale. These grids are everlasting, and anybody who's attuned to Reiki and has information of those grids can acquire entry to them. The primary grid is the Common Reiki Therapeutic Grid. It was created within the spring of 2007 in collaboration with the Deva (or Divine Intelligence) of Reiki, the Deva of all of the celestial our bodies (planets and stars) on this universe, the spirit of Mikao Usui, and my Increased Self. If you happen to may see the Common Reiki Therapeutic Grid, it will seem as bands of Reiki that hyperlink every celestial physique within the universe. These bands of sunshine work harmoniously to type the Common Reiki Therapeutic Grid and are completely obtainable as a therapeutic gadget for all who want to use them for the best good.