How to connect to Reiki

So, you’ve been on a Reiki course. And also you’ve received therapeutic palms. Wow! You in all probability nonetheless can’t fairly imagine it really works. It did on the course – however what about at dwelling?

The very first thing it's a must to keep in mind is how to hook up with Reiki once more. Nothing is simpler: simply consider Reiki! As quickly as you propose to attach, it’s there instantly. I are likely to state silently to myself (and to the universe in fact): ‘I intend to hook up with Reiki.’ Some individuals want to ‘ask for’ Reiki – or ask Reiki ‘for assist’. Something works, so long as the intention is there. Both consciously or subconsciously.

Often, you could even be sitting watching TV and immediately discover your palms getting heat. As soon as you're attuned, Reiki comes when wanted, not simply when requested. It merely switches itself on.

Do it is advisable to do something along with your palms if you join? Though, once more, there isn't a set rule, many practitioners like to position their palms in a selected place. I have a tendency simply to open my palms with the palms dealing with up. Others stretch up their arms and lift their palms above their head, the prayer place. All these gestures may help you to focus in your palms as instruments for Reiki and suggest that you're about to obtain one thing particular.

Now simply watch for a second till you'll be able to really feel the connection – both bodily as a sensation in your palms or as an interior consciousness – and also you’re prepared to start out.