Inviting Assistance 

 As we need to entry extra of the knowledge our guides should share with us, we should bear in mind to ask for his or her assist and invoke their pres ence. They won't intrude. They should be invited or given permission to assist us. 

There's a prayer that comes from the work of the Grasp Djwhal Okayhul and Alice Bailey often called the Nice Invocation. This is a really pow erful prayer that can invoke the presence and help of the Ascended Masters and different enlightened beings. I begin my day with this invocation. 

The Great Invocation 

I recite the Nice Invocation day by day to ask the Masters into my life. As well as I additionally supply the following prayer, which invokes mild guid ance: 

I give thanks for their assist as together we lighten the path of my soul's development.” 

And So It Is 

As your guides work with you, stay open to the many varieties in which they manifest and the limitless methods they convey and may help you. Use Karuna Reiki to take you to the mixing place the place we're capable of commune with these magnificent beings of sunshine. 

When you end up on this particular place between the veils all the time bear in mind to ... Hear! 

Listening to our coronary heart, discovering out who we're, will not be easy. 

in the silence of “not doing" we start to know what we feel. 

If we pay attention and hear what's being offered, then something in life might be our information.