Invoking the Reiki of Divine Consciousness

Invoking the Reiki of Divine Consciousness

As with Lotus Reiki and Forgiveness Reiki, you should obtain an empowerment with a view to activate your skill to make use of this type of Reiki. As soon as empowered, you should have the power to make use of the Reiki of Divine Consciousness. This line of Reiki gentle will deepen your journey of non secular awakening by loosening the veil of Maya, which maintains your phantasm that you're separate from the Divine.

As with the opposite Reiki empowerments despatched by this ebook, it's important so that you can meditate on what you want to provide as an power change to the Divine for receiving this sacred reward. After you determine upon an change, put aside a portion of your day or night to take your cleaning sea salt tub. Then, gown appropriately and light-weight a white candle to the Divine and Mikao Usui. If you end up prepared to just accept the transformational power of Reiki of Divine Consciousness into your life, say the next attunement chant:

Blessed are those that have introduced us Reiki
Blessed are those that proceed this sacred gentle
I and my Increased Self ask for the empowerment
of Reiki of Divine Consciousness
Blessings unto all
Blessings unto me

Enable this new gentle to fill your complete being, realizing that you just now have hardwired into your energetic system a non secular device for awakening the veil of Maya, which maintains the phantasm of separation from the Divine. As items of that veil awaken, you start to see that you just and the Divine are inseparable. Oneness is now not one thing to attempt for, however one thing that merely is.