Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho (Reworking destructive vitality) 

Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho (Reworking destructive vitality) 

Objective : “Jacki” means destructive vitality and "Kiri" means to chop. ”Joka-Ho” is a purification method; it teaches methods to cut-off destructive vitality from any object. 

Essential word: It has at all times been taught that this method ought to by no means for use on a dwelling being (human, animal, and so forth.) You must use different purification methods akin to joshin kokyuu-ho or hanshin koketsu-ho and so forth

Some objects you come throughout like jewelry, crystals and so forth can typically comprise Detrimental vitality and this method may help rectify this. 

Right here is the train: 

  • Do all these steps slowly 
  • Carry out the Tanden respiratory type – see the above Tanden part 
  • Place the article to be purified, in your non-dominant hand (in case your proper handed then place it within the left and so forth.). 
  • Begin to maintain your breath in your tanden. 
  • Now together with your dominant hand about 2 - Four inches above the article begin make a horizontal slicing/chopping movement over the article for THREE instances solely. 
  • Cease the chopping movement abruptly after the Third time then Launch your breath. 
  • Lastly after this purification ship Reiki to the article for a couple of minutes to finish the method. 

Clearly if the Object is just too massive and so forth merely place it in entrance of you or if its nonetheless too massive (Workplace, Automobile and so forth) then use Distant Therapeutic with the above procedures.