The primary three methods for self-cleansing come from the Japa - nese custom. The Hatsurei-ho, which is a mixture of vitality cleaning and meditation methods, can turn out to be a significant a part of your on a regular basis cleaning armory. I now suggest to my college students that they do that firstly of daily after which once more earlier than going to mattress at night time. A part of the Hatsurei-ho, known as Kenyoku-ho (Dry Brushing), can be utilized by itself as a manner of disregarding unfavorable energies. One other approach, known as the Reiki Bathe, floods your vitality discipline with Reiki to cleanse and revitalize it. Each of those strategies can be utilized as and when they're wanted.
If you're treating shoppers, I'd counsel you perform a full Hatsurei-ho earlier than the primary consumer and after the final consumer, and do the Dry Brushing approach or the Reiki Bathe approach between every two. After the final consumer, a chilly bathe—shortly adopted by a pleasant heat one if you want—is the easiest way to rid your self of any residual negativity and put together you for the remainder of your day or night.
None of those methods requires you to make use of the Reiki Symbols, so anybody with any degree of Reiki can use them. Nonetheless, if in case you have Second Diploma you'll be able to draw a Energy Image over every hand earlier than you begin, intending that Reiki ought to circulation to clear and cleanse your vitality physique, which may improve the method.