Joshin Kokyu Ho—Cleaning Breath

1. Now decrease your arms and put your fingers in your lap along with your palms dealing with upward, and breathe naturally and steadily by means of your nostril. Start to focus your consideration in your Hara line (a significant vitality line working by means of the middle of your physique, connecting all the foremost chakras from the basis to the crown) and permit your physique to calm down.
2. Focus in your respiration, and as you breathe in visualize Reiki as white mild pouring in by means of your crown chakra into your Reiki channel and down the Hara line by means of your main chakras. Then think about the Reiki spreading out, increasing to fill the entire of your physique out of your head to your toes and out of your shoulders to your fingertips, and sense it melting all of your tensions away.
3. As you breathe out visualize the Reiki mild, which is filling your complete physique, starting to develop in order that it flows by means of your pores and skin, spreading out to fill your aura, after which think about it flowing past your aura in all instructions to infinity.
4. Proceed this course of for a couple of minutes, or so long as you would like, respiration Reiki out and in.
Once you really feel prepared put your fingers collectively within the Gassho (prayer) place in entrance of the middle of your chest, at in regards to the degree of your coronary heart chakra.