That is a part of the Hatsurei-ho (see web page 222), however it may be carried out individually both by itself or earlier than the Reiki Bathe approach beneath. This disregarding is beneficial to do as you step into your bathe earlier than you activate the water, as a result of then the water will wash away all of the unfavorable vitality that has been disregarded; however don’t do it while you step into a shower or all of the “gunk” you will have simply disregarded will go into the water, which you'll then be splashing throughout your self once more.
One factor you'll discover is that there's an uneven variety of actions in every half—brushing the vitality twice as typically from the left shoulder downward, as from the proper shoulder. My regular response can be to “even out” the strokes, in order that either side can be handled the identical, however apparently the Japanese are superstitious in regards to the quantity 4, because the phrase is similar because the phrase for “dying,” so they like to not do issues 4 instances!