Know Thyself

So why hassle with all this spirituality in case you are nonetheless going to undergo, nonetheless really feel damage and ache, and nonetheless expertise all these different issues which are part of being human? Effectively, as a result of the hunt is, and all the time have to be, merely to know thyself. And in the event you come to know your self as a part of a Divine being, then life does develop into lighter and extra joyful however to not the purpose of erasing your personal humanity. For bear in mind, you will have come into this physique to study concerning the human expertise. Flip off all of your feelings and senses, and that may by no means occur. However embrace them and see them as Divine, and beneath your tears there'll nonetheless be a cherishing smile. The tears is not going to cease rolling, however they'll style sweeter in opposition to your lips as soon as they've rolled down your cheek and into your mouth. It isn't a spiritually embarrassing factor to cry, grieve, or really feel something that's a part of the Divine expertise of you.

As soon as in the course of the workshop I discussed beforehand with the famous vitality healer Jason Schulman, he had us do a meditation on self-hate, the place we merely sat and observed these areas in our our bodies and psyches the place we held self-hatred. This expertise led to a different meditation whereby we observed the nervousness our spirits had about being caught in kind. Finally, all of those meditations of embracing what's result in a state of what Jason calls kind preciousness, the place we as religious beings transfer by way of the self-hatred and the nervousness. And by transferring by way of it, versus avoiding it, we attain a liberating state the place all that's in kind has a brand new Divine taste to it. The workshop lasted only some days, but it surely has all the time stayed in my consciousness as a reminiscence of how essential it isn't to make use of vitality work or spirituality as a method to sidestep any emotion: not hate, not grief, not anger, nor some other human emotion. It's once we attempt to glide over these feelings or step round them that we short-circuit the reality. And short-circuiting the reality won't ever take you to the Divine.

It's this short-circuiting that always creates that stuffy ambiance you discover amongst some gentle staff who haven’t achieved the actual internal work. It's this imaginary heaven, or what I name shadow heaven, that some folks search that's completely an phantasm. And this shadow heaven sadly turns lots of people off from something religious, as a result of they'll see that one thing isn't fairly being stated, that some very actual feelings and agendas are being swept below the carpet.