Koki-ho (Healing with the breath) 

Koki-ho (Healing with the breath) 

Objective: “Koki-hoi” is normally a second diploma method, It was reported from Dr. Usui that if one feels “warmth” in your chest, mouth or nostril while you give Reiki, you then can provide Reiki together with your breath. 

Breathe in although your nostril then breathe out softly, onto the world the place you need to give Reiki to. This method is beneficial particularly while you need to give Reiki to the place you can not contact, as in a burned space of your consumer. 

Right here is the train: 

  • Do all these steps slowly 
  • Carry out the Tanden respiratory type – see the above Tanden part 
  • Maintain your breath for a second and draw the “Energy image” on the roof of your mouth together with your tongue. Then exhale and breath the Energy image onto the world of the physique being handled, it helps to visualise the Energy image getting into the consumer's physique as you breathe out. 

With Koki-ho you may also work on the bodily physique, aura or distant therapeutic.