Looking at the Reiki Principles 

Reiki was designed as a potent software for private and religious development, and to this finish, it’s necessary to know the 5 Reiki Rules. 

The 5 Reiki Rules type the cornerstone of what's primarily a Reiki religious apply. All branches of Reiki derived from Mikao Usui’s teachings (see Chapter Three for details about Reiki branches) use some model of the Reiki Rules. Whether or not they’re referred to as Reiki Rules, Reiki Precepts, or Reiki Beliefs, these 5 statements are used as tips to proper dwelling and religious growth. Once you use the Reiki Rules, you’re following immediately within the footsteps of Mikao Usui. On this chapter, I describe the Reiki ideas: what they're and the way to use them. 

It’s not sufficient to only learn the Reiki Rules and simply flip the web page. To get the complete profit and worth of Reiki, you could purpose to stay by the Reiki Rules. Don’t fear — they categorical common truths that might be authorised by any faith! 

Describing the Reiki Rules 

The Reiki Rules are so necessary and so intrinsic to the apply of Reiki that they're engraved on Mikao Usui’s tombstone (see the sidebar “Reiki prin- ciples from Mikao Usui’s memorial stone”). Earlier than Usui’s memorial stone was found and obtainable in English, the Reiki Rules had been taught in differ- ent variations by completely different lecturers. Hawayo Takata taught the Reiki Rules, and her college students proceed to move these on. 

Reiki Rules from Mikao Usui’s memorial stone 

Hawayo Takata (see Chapter 3) and likewise her college students taught the Reiki Rules. When Reiki historian Frank Arjava Petter positioned the memo- rial to Reiki founder Mikao Usui in Tokyo, he translated and revealed this data. The next excerpt was taken from the complete Usui Memorial written by Juzaburo Ushido and Masayuki Okada in February 1927. The interpretation was by Masano Kobayashi, Chetna Kobayashi, and Frank Arjava Petter (Supply: Reiki Fireplace by Frank Arjava Petter, 1997, Lotus Gentle, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin). 

“Reiki not solely heals illnesses, but in addition amplifies innate skills, balances the spirit, makes the physique wholesome, and thus helps obtain happiness. To show this to others you must comply with the 5 ideas of the Meiji Emperor and ponder them in your coronary heart. 

They need to be spoken every day, as soon as within the morn- ing and as soon as within the night. 

  1. Don’t get indignant at this time. 
  2. Don’t fear at this time. 
  3. Be grateful at this time. 
  4. Work arduous at this time (meditative apply). 
  5. Be sort to others at this time. 

The final word purpose is to grasp the traditional secret methodology for gaining happiness (Reiki) and thereby uncover an all-purpose remedy for a lot of illnesses. If these ideas are adopted, you'll obtain the nice tranquil thoughts of the traditional sages. To start spreading the Reiki system, you will need to begin from a spot near you (your- self), don’t begin from one thing distant resembling philosophy or logic. 

Sit nonetheless and in silence each morning and each night along with your fingers folded within the Gassho or Namaste. Observe the nice ideas, and be clear and quiet. Work in your coronary heart and do issues from the quiet area within you. Anybody can entry Reiki, as a result of it begins inside your self!” 

It's believed that Usui knew of the 5 princi- ples from the Meiji Emperor of Japan or from a e-book of his time that listed related ideas: Kenzon no Gebri by Bizan Suzuki, revealed in Japan in 1914. 

Don’t fear you probably have completely different types of the Reiki Rules. Lecturers from various Reiki lineages (see Chapter 3) might current the ideas in barely completely different variations or translations (from the Japanese unique). However the mean- ing of all variations is basically the identical. 

The Reiki Rules are 5 easy statements describing the way to stay — only for at this time: 

✔ Only for at this time, don’t get indignant. 

✔ Only for at this time, don’t fear. 

✔ Only for at this time, be grateful. 

✔ Only for at this time, be trustworthy in your work. 

✔ Only for at this time, be sort to your self and others.