Looking at the Reiki Symbols 

The symbols are a particular and empowering function of the Reiki system of therapeutic. 4 symbols are taught within the 2nd and third diploma Reiki coaching courses. These symbols act as keys to attach the coed with the Reiki vitality for all times. If you end up initiated into the Reiki system, the symbols and Reiki vitality are transmitted collectively through the attunement course of. Endlessly after, when you consider, draw out, or say the identify of the image, the related facet of the Reiki vitality is named forth. 

In previous years, some Reiki academics sought to maintain the symbols secret as a option to shield their worth and maintain them “pure.” Nonetheless, an growing variety of authors of books and Internet sites revealed the symbols to the general public. I too have determined to offer clear details about the symbols in Chapter eight so that you've got all the knowledge you want for a starting apply of Reiki proper at your fingertips. 

Discovering Reiki Drawing the symbols accurately might be one of many extra anxious facets for a new Reiki scholar. Two of the Reiki symbols are literally Japanese characters, which for the Westerner is usually a little tough to memorize how to attract. Memorizing how to attract the symbols could also be required throughout Reiki coaching. Use the illustrations in Chapter eight that can assist you apply drawing the symbols. 

Whenever you’re utilizing the symbols, your intention is extra vital than a precise replication of a logo.