No more myths

No more myths

The principle instruments for this exploration are the well-known Reiki symbols. However to make use of them correctly, we first have to demystify them.

For a lot of a long time, these symbols have been both referred to as sacred or secret, or usually each – phrases usually used to scare individuals, or no less than preserve them away. What was responsible for it? I assume a easy one: these phrases are typically used to deflect from our personal lack of information. When one thing is secret or sacred, we don’t want to clarify it…

I wish to take the myths away. The symbols are neither secret (actually not within the age of the web) nor sacred. They're man-made. They serve a objective. They're merely instruments created by Mikao Usui to assist us see extra: they assist us to focus on completely different elements of Reiki. And, as at all times in Reiki, they don’t simply level to idea however to expertise.

Nonetheless, one factor must be conceded to those that attempt to preserve the symbols secret: they're solely of use as soon as we’ve been attuned to them. With out the attunement, they're nothing however ornamental drawings. So, as a lot as I'm against any type of secrecy, there isn't a have to publicize the symbols extensively to individuals who don’t practise Reiki.

And but (to demolish one other fantasy), they'll do no hurt in uninitiated arms. Completely not! It's not possible to do something dangerous with Reiki, or with the Reiki symbols.