Our Evolving subtle Energy System 

To raised perceive how Karuna Reiki is ready to create such highly effective therapeutic results it's useful to know a bit of about the transpersonal chakras that Karuna Reiki chooses to activate and permeate. 

Because there are lots of books that specify the essential chakra system, I will not tackle the 7 fundamental chakras. In the event you want to learn extra about them I recommend Anodea Judith's guide, “Wheels of Life”. 

To ensure that our physique to have the ability to combine the upper frequency healing rays which are being anchored on the planet at the moment, our delicate power system should be able to carry extra gentle than previously. 

That is, in part, what Karuna Reiki is doing for us. It's helping our transpersonal power system turn out to be extra totally activated. Please confer with the diagram on this part for the positioning of those chakras. 

The stellar gateway is sort of a non secular barometer that measures the depth of gentle our area can maintain. The soul star is the filter via which the light is measupink and flows. The soul star additionally facilitates entry to our private library inside the akashic data. 

The causal chakra is the middle that accepts the “dosages” of light that the higher two chakras ship, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, forehead and throat chakras. 

The ascending coronary heart and sacred coronary heart chakras home the essence of Common Compassion and Common Love. They create a triad through an etheric hyperlink with the guts chakra. 

There's a holographic projection of the hyperlink between these three facilities held within the delicate power area. This hologram is called the etheric coronary heart. Its goal is to facilitate communication through the language of light between our soul, the Common Coronary heart, and the Common Thoughts. 

Though the diagram depicts the etheric coronary heart in what seems to be a set place in our delicate power area, it isn't stationary. We're coping with a multidimensional light-form that's in fixed movement: pulsing out and in of varied layers and positions inside our etheric area.