Physical considerations 

All of us have the power to develop finely tuned non secular notion and to speak with our guides. Along with utilizing Karuna Reiki to enhance your vibratory fee there are some bodily preparations which might be useful. 

Nourishing our physique with “excessive frequency meals" helps our communication with our informations. These are meals which might be most frequently simpler to digest, comprise no artificial chemical substances, and are ready with simplicity so they continue to be as shut as doable to their pure type. 

Meals corresponding to contemporary greens, fruits and grains maintain the very best vibration. Seafood and poultry maintain the following highest vibration. Consuming meat from animals with hooves, corresponding to beef, pork, venison, and so forth.

Our consumption of pure water can be crucial. Water helps to conduct vitality and facilitates non secular communication whereas serving to to combine greater frequencies with higher ease. 

Water utilized in a shower is useful additionally. Water is the ingredient of the second chakra and has a direct cleaning and balancing impact on the emotional physique. When our emotional physique is evident, our pathway to our psychological physique is extra open. Non secular guides talk with us by ship ing info from our non secular reference to them into our psychological body in order that we will convey their knowledge into our acutely aware consciousness. 

Bathing with sea salt, or Epsom salt and baking soda may be very useful in getting ready for non secular communication. One other mixture, which is much less drying and you could desire is mixing one cup of the salts with one cup of vinegar. (Don't add baking soda in case you use the vinegar. After both of those baths it's advisable to rinse off within the bathe to take away any residue out of your pores and skin. 

Bathing previous to doing any type of non secular work helps to clear our whole refined vitality subject and assists in our capacity to listen to and discern steering from the non secular realms. 

Massaging or making use of mild stress to particular elements of the physique can even be useful. I discover that making use of light stress and repetitively urgent in and releasing the purpose the place our ribs meet is useful. It is a light pumping motion. 

Subsequent I take advantage of the identical method after which “thump" the ascending coronary heart chakra with my fingers. I then place my index and hearth (center) finger on my third eye and therapeutic massage gently in clockwise circles. The following step, utilizing the identical fingers, is to flippantly press within the space beneath the causal chakra , which is positioned on the crown of the pinnacle, at the again and barely to the left of the center. 

Moreover we've two pathways in Again of Head 

our physique generally known as functioning and governing channels. The functioning channel 

carries vitality up the entrance of our body to the tip of our tongue. This channel is commonly additionally known as the conception meridian. The governing channel carries vitality up the backbone, over the crown of the pinnacle to the roof of the mouth. 

When these two meridians are joined, our non secular sensitivity is in creased. This sensitivity can come within the type of instinct, clairvoyant sight, internal realizing or clairaudience. 

There may be an train that may facilitate connecting the functioning and governing channels. It's a easy contraction of the perineum, which can be know because the Hui Yin level. The Hui Yin is positioned between the anus and the genitals. Contraction of this level can be an train carried out to arrange for childbirth and is called Kagel contractions. Repetitively contracting and releasing this level stimulates our non secular and bodily imaginative and prescient facilities. 

Permit Infinite Love and Mild to enter into the crown of your head because it slowly moves down through your physique.

All stress is leaving your body and your thoughts is changing into calm. Infinite Mild and Infinite Love are permeating each atom and each cell of who you are. Permit yourself to really feel these sensations. 

The golden ribbon flows down your legs, out your pricet and dpersonal into the earth. Think about this golden ribbon flowing by way of the various layers of the earth, all the way in which to the crystalline core on the coronary heart of Mother Earth. 

Pricel your connection to the earth. You're anchoring the highest and most holy spiritual energies into the coronary heart of the earth in this very moment. 


Now really feel a pulsation of warm nurturing energy from the heart of Mother Earth because it travels bacokay up that ribbon of light, and into your physique. This elegant energy streams out the crown of your head and flows into the Coronary heart and Mind of God. 

Really feel the Love of the Earth and the Love of God pulsating within your being. Feel your connection to all there is. On this related state, voice a sacred intention that you are open to receive guidance from the Masters, angels and spiritual beings who are available to assist you. Invoke their presence and welcome them”. 

This visualization may be finished in only a few moments and is facilitated by the usage of Karuna Reiki vitality.