Pinpointing the acupuncture system: The meridians 

Mikao Usui, the founding father of Reiki, was conscious of the acupuncture system, which has been utilized in China for hundreds of years. Acupuncture makes use of nee- dles to stimulate tiny factors of power within the physique. Acupuncture factors are like visitors indicators that mild the best way of important thoroughfares for power move- ment all through the physique, that are referred to as meridians. 

Itemizing the meridians The physique has 12 important meridians that transport power to the organs and sys- tems of the physique. The meridians crisscross by the physique from head to toe and trade info with each other. Think about that these meridians are working all by the physique: entrance, again, aspect, head, toes, and fingers. 

To provide you an concept of the totally different meridians, contemplate that every is related to totally different organ techniques. Bear in mind, although, that every organ system is “fed” by a couple of meridian and that every meridian is related to a couple of organ. Here's a listing of the key meridians: 

✔ Bladder 

✔ Circulation-sex/pericardium 

✔ Gallbladder 

✔ Coronary heart 

✔ Kidney 

✔ Massive gut 

✔ Liver 

✔ Lung 

✔ Small gut 

✔ Spleen 

✔ Abdomen 

✔ Triple hotter (endocrine glands) 

There are additionally two techniques referred to as central meridian and governing merid- ian which are used within the Hui Yin breath or microcosmic orbit. By holding your tongue on the roof of your mouth and squeezing the muscular tissues of your perineum, you possibly can improve the power circulate popping out of your fingers or breath to be used throughout Reiki procedures (attunements or therapies). 

Treating the meridians Remedy of the meridians, whether or not by acupuncture, acupressure, or Reiki, seeks to take away power blocks in order that the power could circulate easily. As a result of the meridians are interconnected, stability and concord between the meridians are important. An acupuncture or acupressure practitioner plans which acupuncture factors he'll deal with. When you've got Reiki treat- ments, the therapeutic power will facilitate therapeutic, however the practitioner doesn’t essentially know a lot about meridians as a result of this info isn’t a part of customary Reiki coaching

Any practitioners of power therapeutic, together with Reiki healers, will discover it worth- whereas to check the meridians and even contemplate skilled research in the event that they really feel referred to as to take action.