Practical Work for Spiritual Growth

Another excuse for merging Runes with Reiki on this e book is that Runes are very sensible for the work of non secular development. Rune Reiki may be very efficient in serving to to remodel non secular development into actual motion in day-to-day dwelling. In contrast to the non secular traditions that suggest that we should always maintain ourselves aside from the bodily world, Rune Reiki presents easy methods to reinforce our non secular lives by how we reside each day. Being a sensible power researcher, I've at all times favored honoring what works by experimentation as a substitute of being guided by folklore, myths, or tales that may very well be misunderstood after being handed down by many generations.

Final, as a result of Reiki works just for the very best good, these methods can't be abused or misused. Rune Reiki doesn't have the flexibility to do hurt, as a result of it's working Reiki power from a Divine supply and never working off the psychic power of a person’s private will or a gaggle’s collective magical will. That is important to grasp: Reiki can do no hurt and is at all times for the very best good, and subsequently the identical is true for Rune Reiki.