If you will give somebody a full Reiki therapy, I might suggest that you just wait till you could have accomplished your individual 21-day clearing and cleaning course of, and have performed loads of self-treatments. As soon as you're prepared to start, keep in mind that it's important that anybody you deal with ought to come into a cushty, secure and supportive atmosphere, they usually additionally want you to behave in an expert method, even when they know you rather well. Earlier than you give anybody a Reiki therapy it's important that you must put together your self and the house through which the therapy is to happen.

Private Preparation

There are two priorities in your self-preparation—energetic safety and cleaning. After I was initially taught Reiki in 1991, no point out was product of both, apart from guaranteeing that we washed our fingers earlier than beginning a therapy. Nonetheless, over time I've come to appreciate that some additional preparation is vital, and positively since 2000, once I discovered Dr. Usui’s unique methods, I've acknowledged that there was appreciable emphasis on self-cleansing within the Japanese custom.


The primary precedence in your personal sake, and particularly for the consolation of your consumer, is to pay specific consideration to private hygiene. So along with washing your fingers (and possibly brushing your enamel) earlier than treating anyone, you want to be certain that you—and your garments—are clear and recent. You also needs to take away your watch and any steel jewellery (aside from a marriage ring), or the rest which may catch on a consumer’s clothes, or jangle distractingly.


Energetic Safety

It's simply as essential to be energetically cleansed, and there are numerous strategies detailed in chapter 15, which I might suggest that you just strive, such because the Hatsurei-ho approach. As you develop into extra delicate and intuitive, which frequently occurs after taking a Reiki attunement, it may be a good suggestion to begin defending your self energetically and psychically.

Psychic safety is handled extra absolutely in chapter 14, however the easiest technique is to create an brisk barrier by imagining your aura full of Reiki, and if you want, you'll be able to see its periphery like a translucent eggshell product of power. Think about the Reiki flowing out of your fingers, filling the eggshell with therapeutic white gentle, and intend that the Reiki shield you from any negativity or hurt, so any adverse or dangerous energies inside your aura shall be cleansed and launched by the Reiki, and the outer fringe of your aura will solely allow love, gentle and Reiki to enter.

Throughout a therapy your consumer shall be inside your auric subject, so doing this can imply that each you and your consumer shall be surrounded by protecting Reiki, and any adverse energies launched by the consumer throughout the therapy won't follow your power subject, however shall be healed and reworked by the Reiki. In fact you'll be able to arrange a protecting power subject round your self any time, not simply when doing a Reiki therapy: earlier than going buying in a metropolis heart or if you're visiting a hospital, or wherever else that might maintain adverse energies.

Getting ready the Area

No matter sort of house you employ ought to be clear and tidy, and you'll additional put together it by cleaning it with Reiki. Simply sit quietly for just a few moments, resting your fingers in your thighs, palms going through upward, after which enable Reiki to movement via your fingers and out into the room, intending that the Reiki ought to cleanse it of any adverse energies. Visualize the Reiki flowing like a comfortable white mist everywhere in the room, particularly into all of the corners.

Arrange the remedy sofa in case you have one, and place clear pillows and a comfortable blanket prepared, maybe burning some incense or important oils to fill the room with a pleasing odor. (Some persons are delicate to sure smells, so don’t do that till you could have checked with the consumer.) If you happen to plan to play some enjoyable music get the CD or tape prepared within the machine and take a look at it for quantity earlier than you begin. Additionally be certain that the room is at an applicable temperature and that there shall be no interruptions from telephones, youngsters, pets or different distractions.

Getting ready Your Consumer

Clarify to them that you'll not be touching any “private” areas, akin to genitals or ladies’s breasts. They often discover it reassuring after they notice they will stay absolutely clothed, aside from taking off their sneakers, as persons are usually self-conscious about revealing their our bodies.

Additionally inform them what types of expertise they could have, akin to feeling sensations of heat, warmth or tingling the place your fingers are positioned, or sensing power flowing round their physique. Clarify that they'll most likely develop into very relaxed however would possibly really feel a bit emotional, so reassure them that if they should chuckle or cry that is fairly regular and it is usually completely okay with you, they usually don’t have to really feel embarrassed.

Speak to them in regards to the purpose they've come for a therapy, and provides them an opportunity to ask questions. Level out to them that they don’t have to do something consciously to ensure that the Reiki to movement into them, apart from being keen to let it occur.

Folks receiving Reiki ought to take off their sneakers, watch, glasses and any steel jewellery (there isn't a have to ask anybody to take away a marriage ring), however ought to in any other case stay absolutely clothed. When shoppers are mendacity on their again initially of the therapy, a pillow ought to be positioned underneath their head and one other one underneath their knees. After they flip over to lie on their entrance, transfer the pillow from underneath their knees and place it underneath the ankles, to take the stress off their again.

Typically placing a comfortable blanket over the consumer helps to make them really feel nurtured and extra relaxed, and it additionally prevents them from feeling chilly, as their physique cools down when they're mendacity nonetheless or when adverse power is being launched throughout the therapy.

It's important that each you and your consumer ought to benefit from the therapy, so earlier than you begin ensure that each of you're comfy, that the remedy sofa is at a cushty peak for you, and that the consumer is heat sufficient.

I often clarify to shoppers that it's preferable for them to shut their eyes, to allow them to absolutely loosen up, and I discourage speaking or asking questions throughout the therapy; though if a consumer is initially nervous I'll, in fact, proceed to reply in as light and supportive a fashion as I can. Nonetheless, I discover that by the point I've reached the third hand place (and even earlier) their speech turns into slurred as they enter a state of deep rest, after which they typically go quiet, usually drifting off to sleep. I discover that taking part in comfortable, enjoyable music—classical or “New Age”—usually helps individuals to really feel relaxed, though you must verify this along with your consumer.