It is extremely essential to guard your self psychically as you grow to be extra delicate and intuitive, as a result of because the vibrational frequencies of your power physique are raised, they grow to be extra engaging to among the decrease energies. This will make you extra susceptible than typical to psychic drains (individuals who drain your power, whether or not they know they're doing this or not) and psychic assault (dangerous ideas from different individuals, once more, whether or not they know they're doing this or not). Listed below are some options for self-protection, and it's a good suggestion to hold out no less than one among them at the start and finish of on daily basis.

• Draw a big Energy Image in entrance of you and step into it, saying its mantra 3 times. Think about being wrapped contained in the Energy Image in order that it's in entrance, behind and on either side of you, and intend that the Reiki defend you from any negativity or hurt.

• Think about your self in a bubble of white or golden gentle that's full of Reiki; intend that the perimeters of the bubble are permeable solely by love, gentle, Reiki and optimistic energies.

• Think about your self inside a bubble of Reiki gentle, and picture that the bubble is carefully surrounded by a superb mesh made from gold which is barely permeable by love, gentle, Reiki and optimistic energies.

• For those who ever really feel actually threatened, then do the entire above. Outdoors your bubble of sunshine full of Reiki and coated with gold mesh, think about a hoop of fireplace. Outdoors that think about a shiny eggshell made from mirror or shiny silver, with the mirrored aspect going through outward. This successfully kinds an brisk boundary round you, in order that any negativity or psychic assault despatched your approach will solely rebound to the sender, as a result of it's mirrored by the mirror or silver.