Qualities of Karuna Reiki Energy 

My first impression of Karuna Reiki was that it is rather critical power. Karuna Reiki goes very deep, gently however rapidly. When utilizing or receiving Karuna Reiki I discover myself vibrating at a quickly growing charge, I really feel like I'm extra gentle than I'm type. The primary few occasions I obtained a Karuna remedy I felt myself rise out of my physique, and I used to be taken into every of the symbols used. 

One repeated incidence has been that I've seen flashes of trau matic experiences on this life and from different occasions. They seem earlier than me as if I'm wanting via an image window. The picture briefly comes into focus so I'm clear on what I'm seeing, after which a beam of white and gold gentle pierces the photographs and shatters them into zillions of items, which instantly develop into pure gentle. When I've these experiences I've felt and at occasions have seen bodily releases inside my physique, or the individual I used to be treating. There even have been deep bodily and emotional therapeutic experiences. 

Karuna Reiki takes many various sensory types. It might probably really feel like intense warmth, wind, ice, electrical impulses, vibration, lightening, hum ming, or mild pulsations. Karuna all the time takes the proper type whether or not it's one thing you are feeling, see, hear, style, scent, or just know. 

A great thing about Karuna Reiki is that when main therapeutic points come up they might be acknowledged, processed and healed in a matter of moments be trigger they're handled in their fundamental energetic type. Therefore when it's applicable, Karuna Reiki can carry about deep emotional therapeutic with out the recipient having to re-live an disagreeable life scenario or have an intense emotional expertise. 

After we obtain Karuna Reiki it appears to the touch the problem to be healed, carry the energetic essence of the problem to the floor, after which with the recipient's permission it's reworked into pure light and launched.