Typically when your vitality is operating low as a result of you've been busy or had a tense day, you would do with a little bit of a lift, so I got here up with this method, which appears to work effectively:
The Ten-minute Prime-up
1. First, intend that the Reiki ought to circulate to your highest and best good (that's, simply pondering that you just need to use Reiki will activate it). Place one hand over your eyes, with the palm going through and touching your face and the opposite hand in the back of your head, palm in opposition to the top. (It doesn't matter which hand is the place—for instance left at entrance or again.) Maintain your arms on this place for 2 and a half minutes—counting to 150 is the way in which I maintain a examine on the time, however after all you may proceed for an extended interval if you wish to.
2. Subsequent, place one hand in your throat and the opposite hand on the middle of your chest, once more for about two and a half minutes.
3. Then place one hand in your photo voltaic plexus and the opposite one in your navel for one more two and a half minutes.
4. Lastly, place one hand on the highest of your head, over your crown chakra, and the opposite one in your root chakra, both in your backside (or beneath it if you're sitting down), or along with your hand between your legs for 2 and a half minutes.
The Wake-up
One other helpful tip is a hand place that works on hangovers. It's also good as a fast “wake-up” when you're feeling drained however must do some duties. To do that, place each arms, one hand crossed over the opposite, on the crown of your head. Intend that the Reiki ought to circulate and maintain your arms in that place for no less than 5 minutes.
Hand place for wake-up.
These are the fundamentals of self-healing with Reiki, though you will see that different concepts in later chapters, and do be happy to experiment. The basic self-treatment is an effective construction to begin with, however after all you may add to it. For instance, on the finish of the 12 hand positions I at all times deal with every foot for a couple of minutes. I maintain it between each arms after which end with some mild therapeutic massage, which I discover helps to “floor” my vitality and helps me to turn out to be alert once more after having fun with the deeply relaxed state through the remedy.